Key Messages from Part 4
� Be well prepared for the first day. First impressions matter.
� Work preparation involves a lot of detail. Make sure you have
everything covered.
� In your early days at work you will be judged. Be on your best
behaviour. Set the scene for the rest of your work life.
� Work is regulated. Know your obligations and your rights.
� There are many work arrangements, know which one is yours.
� If you think your rights are being abused, then take positive action.
� Be tactful, friendly, optimistic when seeking advice about your rights.
� Be firm if you are in the right, and are not being treated properly
� Look after your health at work.
� Look after your safety at work. Be aware of risks.
� There are many different types of work areas at work. Be aware of
the risks and behaviours required in each of them.