Before Your First Day
It is very exciting starting work. Here’s a list of things that you need to know or do, to help you
overcome frst day nerves.
What you should know before you start work:
• Where you are to report to
• Who your supervisor is
• What hours you will be working
• Travel arrangements
• Dress code
• Is there a uniform?
• Is there a locker I can use?
• Facilities
• Is there a mess room for breaks?
• Is there a kitchen/ microwave?
• Is there a shower/ toilet facility?
• Your duties – a job description, outlining your responsibilities
• Letter of offer/ employment contract
• Tax File number or application
• Superannuation choice form
• Your qualifcations
• Bank account details
• Driving licence
• Emergency contact details (parent or guardian)
• Tools - do you need to bring anything with you?
• Workplace policies
What you need to plan and do before your frst day:
1. Get a good night’s sleep. Start the work sleep routine at least a week before.
2. Test the route to the workplace – especially at the time you will be using the bus, train or
roads. Allow for traffc to be worse than normal.
3. Breakfast – have a big one. You may miss lunch.
4. Research the company, (you will have done this for the interview), but freshen up on
what the company issues are.
5. Dress code. Know what you are expected to wear.
6. Grab a small (pocket) notebook and pen and put them in your work clothes.
7. If taking a packed lunch, make it the night before.