The boss

Let’s discuss the professional relationship that you are going to have with the boss. It’s going to be based on 3 things:

• Respect
• Expectations • Ability

As a new starter you are probably going to be in awe of the boss for a while. This is a good thing, as the boss is someone who you need to pay attention to.

Respect can come from 3 broad areas:

(1) Because the boss is wearing the jersey. The power comes with the title. If this is all that the relationship is based on, then it’s going to fail. There are plenty of bosses in the work force who are a boss in name only, the title is all they have. They are generally people who have ended up in a supervisory position through good luck and not through ability. So they end up out of their depth, fearful of both their boss and their team.

(2) Because he is technically very good at his job, he knows what is required, what the company wants, how the company ticks, how to get things done, where things are and gets results.

He may or may not be good with people, which is the third area that a boss needs.

(3) Being good with people is probably the most important part of being a boss. This definitely does not mean being everybody’s mate, or the most popular person in the office. Often the best boss is one who can get the best from the team, by leading and coaching a team to their best.

You will know a good boss, because doing your best for him will be important to you in your work. You will want to do your best for him, not through fear or for reward, but because of your relationship.

But having a professional relationship with your boss will mean that you know he is being fair with everyone, he is being consistent with work expectations and plans, and being firm when any of the team requires it. You need to know that your co-workers are being treated no better (and no worse) than you.