Do you need to work ?


Here’s a last example on how much work has changed since Aristotle’s time.

In 2010 a coalition of British unions organised a campaign, under the slogan “The Right to Work”. This was in response to massive public sector cuts. But at a deeper level, what it shows is that everyone wants work, craves it, not just for the dollars, but because it provides so many of our social needs and gives us a sense of who we are.

What does this mean for my worklife?

It means you need to learn to love your job, because it’s going to be a large part of what you are.

Your work and your job will influence how your friends will judge you. It will determine who your friends are, what company you keep - it may also influence who your life partner will be. Many people marry someone they have met through work.

Your job will also determine what doors will be opened for you, what opportunities you will have
in life, what experiences, countries you will visit, the kind of home you will have, the education that your children will receive, and ultimately how long you will live for. (Shift workers have shorter life expectancies than day workers, and there are other examples of work choice influencing your lifespan.)

It is no exaggeration to say that to a large extent, your happiness in life is strongly influenced by your job.

A very wise man said:

"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work again"