Rewards of Work

Research has shown that families argue most about money, or lack of it. You’re not working for fun, and dollars are important.

Later I’ll talk about budgeting and living within your means. But it’s clear that if you are not getting paid what you think is the proper pay rate for your job, you are never going to be happy.

As a new starter you are likely to be on a low pay, so living within your means and budgeting are important. But so also is being aware of opportunities to earn more in the short and longer term.

In the short term, the ways for increasing your income are additional hours of work, or a second job.

In the longer term, maintaining your health, your choice of career and self-improvement are critical.

Some new starters will enter into careers that pay well in the early years, only to reduce later in life. These are generally careers where some sort of physical skill is required. sports, construction etc.

Other careers may not pay so well initially, but will provide greater financial support later in life where experience is required. medicine, law, etc.


Unless you believe you are doing something meaningful at work happiness is going to elude you.

Employees who believe that they are doing meaningful work try 57% harder and 87% more likely to stay with an employer. (Corporate Leadership Council)

Meaningfully engaged employees

• Generate more income
• Give better service
• Promote the organisation
• Align their individual goals with business goals
• Create improvements at work
• Reduce risk for the business - identify potential problems • Get less stressed - are less likely to get sick

Meaning can come from a number of areas. It will be different for everyone. 

Some people get meaning from the nature of the job itself. Perhaps the work is nursing, or helping the community and others in some way. Others may find meaning in their work by working for an organisation that helps the community, although their job may not be hands on. For example a secretary may get meaning in working for the Cancer Council as opposed to a law company.

Others may get meaning from recognition of their efforts. It may be very important to them to receive regular feedback from co-workers or the boss. Others may look for financial rewards to provide meaning.