“Education is what you learn after leaving school” – Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki is making the point that the grade on your certificate that you received when leaving formal education is not a passport for life. It doesn’t entitle you to anything other than the ability to open a few doors.

Whether these doors lead to a brilliant career or a miserable existence is pretty much up to you now.

You may think that because you have poor ranking on your school certificate, your whole life is marked by that result. Not true. The truth is that a poor school result will only hold you back from reaching your capabilities if you let it.

Also, if you are under the illusion that a great score on your certificate has set you up for life, think again.

You need to know the rules in this new landscape.

The good news is that if you got good grades, you will probably pick up these rules quickly.

What you become in your working life, and especially how happy you are at work, is entirely a result of what you do after school.

Let’s discuss what has changed in your new work landscape.

From Educational Institution to Work

Whether it’s leaving school or university or college the challenge for you is the same. Your formal schooling is over, now you are beginning an education about work and life.

You are in a different game where the object is to make a living. So what’s changed?
• There is no curriculum to follow. No longer do you have teachers or schoolmates to help

you with your development. It’s all on you now to decide where you want to go.

• No longer is anyone watching to make sure you don’t fall too far behind in your goals. Fall- ing behind? Not happy you have to do everything for yourself? Too bad.

• Forget about your educational qualifications. It’s all about business results now.

• Forget about people being polite and encouraging. You are going to have to deal with criti- cism (fair and unfair) and some of the rudest people you will ever meet - sometimes called the general public.

• Forget about timetables. Your boss now has a claim on your time 24/7.

• Forget about getting a chance to redo your homework and correct your mistakes. You’ll be judged on your first effort, so better make it good.

• Forget about being friends with your workmates forever. You’re at work to get the job done, and although working in a team is important, friendship is optional.

•Forget about fairness.