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Note: You receive a full refund if you cancel before the day. Swim numbers are limited. We advise registering early to avoid disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the swim?

It's on Sunday 23rd June, winter solstice week, at Alex Headland beach in front of Alex Surf Club. Registrations from 7am. First swim leg departs approx 8.30. 

What's the swim about?

Its a community charity swim run by Alex Rotary and Alex SLSC where all the profits go to a specific Sunny Coast Charity and Alex Rotary community causes on the Sunshine Coast. 

What swim legs are on offer:

1km, 3km, 5km

How many are you expecting?

We’re limiting the swim to 300 swimmers. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger so get in early is best. 

Is there a minimum age?

You must be at least 14 years old to participate

How do I register?

Directly via a swim registration link, which is now active

Do I have to time myself?

If you wish, but every swimmer will be given a number and we'll have our Rotary timekeepers so that their times are recorded and displayed on the day, and on our the Alex Rotary website. Swim times will be available around 11.45 when we have the presentations in the bluff bar.

What happens if I cancel?

You'll be offered a full refund.

What happens if the event is cancelled / postponed by bad weather?

The Alex SLSC swim captain will assess the weather conditions for the complete swim course on the morning of the swim. If he decides to delay/ postpone/  then you'll have choice of full refund or participating at a revised date. Your call.

Will there be a safety briefing?

There will be a safety briefing with all the swimmers in the swim length on the beach just before each swim leg at the Rotary arch. 

How much is the entry fee?

$60 for 1km swimmers.  $65 for 3km swimmers and $70 for 5km swimmers.

For the sugar babies who need a wetsuit, we're asking for a further $10 donation towards community charities. Plus the extra donation will give you a warm feeling for your kindness.

Can I have flippers?

We want to discourage flippers, for safety of other swimmers reasons. We'd prefer you to swim a more comfortable swim distance if possible.

Where are the swim courses?

All swim courses start and finish in front of Alex SLSC - Look for the big Rotary Arch that is the start and finish gate.

Do I need a wet suit?

Your call, the water is often warmer than the air temp glorious Alex Beach in winter.

But as we said above if you decide to ...we'd really appreciate another $10 donation towards a charity of your choice when you register.

What sort of training / fitness is expected of me?

We're  relying on you knowing your capabilities. There will be IRB's and Alex SLSC volunteers on water with you for all the swim legs.

But please do NOT enter a swim leg that you are not comfortable with.

How will I see the swim course when I'm in the water?

There will be an avenue of GIANT buoys leading you into the water There will be GIANT swim / yacht buoys marking the course and Alex SLSC volunteers on IRB's and boards monitoring the swim legs. 

My child is a good swimmer, so can he/ she tag along the swim with mum or dad?

Sorry, we'd prefer no under 14's on any of the swim courses.

When is entry cut -off?

You can register up to one hour before the swim starts, but obviously the later you register the less chance entering and of having the correct size T shirt, and the club reserves the right to close of the most popular swim leg registration at any time for safety reasons. (That's usually the 1km and 3km swim legs, or whenever we reach 300 swimmers, whichever is earlier. 

Anything else I should know?

This year we're selecting a charity on the coast that helps kids, and especially the 1 in 5 child here on the beautiful sunny coast who goes to school every day with out food in their belly.

So if you can buy an extra $5 raffle ticket, we'll say a BIG thanks and make sure it goes towards creating a sustainable food program for a sunny coast school kid. 


Registrations open NOW
Dateclaimer: The Alex Rotary SunnyCoast Winter Solstice Swim - Sunday 23rd June at Alex SLSC 
Come and enjoy a mid winter swim on the Sunny Coast.
Pick your swim distance and join in for a day of fun at Alex SLSC while supporting the Alex Rotary Community Causes
The Solstice Swim 



Sunday 23rd  June - Alex Rotary Charity Solstice Swim 

Registrations now open 
Entries and Prizes
Entry Fees
1km Swim                        $60            
3km Swim                        $65            
5km Swim                        $70            
All swim entrants will receive ....
  • Unique Solstice Swim cap - which must be worn when in the water
  • Unique Solstice Swim T shirt 
  • Fresh fruit
  • Water 
  • Swim results on the day and on club website
But most important...
  • A REALLY GOOD FEELING by helping Alex Rotary support its Sunshine Coast community causes. Alex Rotary is made up of folks over 25 here on the coast who are 100% volunteers, (no staff costs) and want to "make a difference" to folks on the coast who are doing it tough. 
Swim Prizes 
5km Male winner.        $250
5 km female winner.   $250
3km male winner.        $150
3 km female winner.   $150
1km male winner.        $100
1 km female winner.   $100
Giant Multi- Draw Raffle Prizes 
We'll be running raffles at the club with some fantastic prizes to be won. See our website / Facebook for details of prizes
All monies raised will go to local Sunshine Coast community programs. In the past Solstice swimmers have shown their support for life saving programs, young parents programs, disabled kids, prevention of domestic violence and disengaged kids vocational educational programs.
Please show your support by taking a few tickets in our amazing multi prize draw when you register. 
Solstice Swim "NEARLY" FINAL Program

Program for the Day 

07.00 Registration opens for all swim legs in front of Alex SLSC
Get your T shirts & delegated colour swim caps
at the registration desk next to Alex SLSC
get your number on your body ..
and you're all set for your swim leg
8.00 Warm Up in the park 
  In Buhk park for the swimmers before going into the water 
Warm ups 15 mins before each swim leg start
All swims start and finish in front of Alex SLSC
All times are approx and swim will only start after swim captain has checked the beach conditions
8.20 .......... 5 km swim starts 
This swim is for serious swimmers only. 
8.35 ..........3 km swim starts 
A testing swim length for those who have completed this length of course previously. 
08.45 ....... 1 km swim starts 
A shorter swim leg, for those cool dudes who are more comfortable with the 1 km length. 
11.00 Trophy & cheque presentation by
Sunshine Coast personality in SLSC Bluff Room 
11.00 - 12.00 Raffles, Drinks vouchers, Live Entertainment at the Alex SLSC  from 1pm
Swim Course Outline Only
- subject to change on the day
 a safety briefing will be held before each swim 
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Extreme Weather Contingency
As with any ocean activity, we may have to change plans to suit the weather. So some changes may be necessary on the day. If the weather is bad we will endeavour to offer an alternative course. We'll do whatever we can to ensure a fun and competitive swim on the day.
Stay tuned to the SLSC facebook page.
If the weather is so bad that nothing can be done on the day, we will hold the event at an alternative weekend. 
Once you register and give the club your email address we will keep in touch with any last minute changes via email 
Last  years amazing SPONSORS
All Rotarians give freely of their time and "service before self" is one of our ideals.
We pass on all our proceeds to community causes.
So we couldn't hold these events without the help of our sponsors and supporters.