Solstice Ocean as Art Show 

Solstice Art Show at Alex SLSC 

Want to display your art and win the $2,000 first prize? Then for online artists registrations go to THIS LINK
Read on for more information ...

Arrangements prior to the Saturday 24th June

Please check in with the club secretary on or phone any of the contacts below for any queries or suggestions you may have.
We see this Art show as something we want to build on every year, to celebrate the amazing artists we have on the coast, and our Sunshine Coast lifestyle. Where better to do that than by the beach at Alex Headland SLSC?
We have arranged a storage area at Alex SLSC and ask that all exhibits be stored there at least on the Friday night before the show. 
We are also limited for space, so anticipate closing off registrations on the 16th June. 
If in any doubt please call or email us.

Arrangements on the day 

We will arrange all displays and have attendants on duty in the room from 10.30 am in the ground floor Bluff Room from 11.00 am on Saturday 24th June, through to Saturday at 8pm. Then on Sunday between 7 am and 11.00 am when all artwork will be removed.
We will carefully collect all artwork and store it at Naomi's Ocean Art on 6th Avenue Maroochydore for later pick up, if it is not convenient for you topic up on Sunday. 
So please give us full details of yourselves and exhibit so we can convey your information your information to the public.
Artists registration allows artists to display a maximum of 3 exhibits in the show
We will take down the displays from 11am on Sunday and contact artists with regards to sales and enquiries received. 

Prizes and Commissions

Prizes will be decides and announced at the close of the show, and presentations will be made from about 11.45am Sunday. 
Prizes decided by a judging panel of 3. Judges decision is final. 
First prize is $2,000, second prize $500 and third prize $250

What's it all about?

The Alex Rotary Club and Alex SLSC want the community to come together to celebrate the Sunshine Coast lifestyle, while raising funds for those less fortunate on the coast. We'll do this by adding more community  events to the very successful Solstice Swim.