Hypnosis - what it says about you

On Wednesday we had a really interesting talk from local mind works guru Bob Lane, who has helped thousands of folks lose weight, stop smoking and reduce their anxiety and other mental ailments.
All through his self help hypnosis techniques which allow folks to remove the latent and deep brain path ways of thinking. Bob explained that hypnosis has been used for thousands of years and helps correct behaviours in a harmless but permanent way by delving into the subconscious and removing goal / reward links that in some cases have built up since childhood. 
Bob with one of his colourful shirts 
Bob also confirmed that Sunshine Coast drivers drive using their subconscious, ie. effectively in a trance, until their conscious brain kicks in when they realise that they are about to run onto the car they have been tailgating for 5 kms...usually mine!
Later Bob demonstrated to the club how a simple 2 minute meditation technique could help empty the mind and stop "the chattering monkey" that is our brain at times when we are inundated with day to day life noises. By emptying the mind and focusing on breathing and a simple goal the mind blanks out the noise of every day thoughts and produces various levels of calm in folks.
Bob without a shirt 
A certain scribe noticed that some members of the club were quicker at emptying their mind than others. Not sure what that says about their brains? Anyway, you know who you are. 

Social BareFoot Bowls

Barefoot Bowling  April  2nd 3.00 to 5.00pm at Maroochydore Bowls Club
You and your partner and children are invited to enjoy a Sunday afternoon playing lawn bowls
No experience is required - there will be coaches available to help you.
Cost :  Adults  $12 per person    Children   $10 
Flat soled shoes to be worn and tidy casual clothes.
 You may like to stay on for a drink in the bar or  dinner  in the Chinese Restaurant (Our experiences have been very good eating here)
Numbers will be collected at next week's meeting to make the booking

Work Life Coaching at Nambour State College

The club has been invited by the Smith Family to help their "Growing Careers" project at Nambour State College. This complements our "WorkLife" program with the same theme as helping youngsters transition successfully into work. 
So next Wednesday and the following Wednesday we need a couple of Rotarians to talk to 300 grade 11 kids about the first steps to transitioning to work. ie. Job application and interviews. 

RYDA looking for help 

As mentioned yesterday RYDA dates are now finalised, and I am seeking volunteers for Wednesday 26th April 2023 and Monday 15th May 2023 as attached.
I need 6 volunteers for April and 7 for May as I will be away sailing in May.
Could all members express their interest to me via email by the end of February 2023?
So let Geoff know on geoffndi@gmail.com

ROMAC Quiz...are you in?

Caloundra Pacific Rotary organize a really fun trivia night each year and we have attended most years …. Sometimes with two tables competing for the major prize.
We are putting together at least one table and if numbers permit, we will have more!!!
It’s a ROMAC fund raiser …. Cost is $30 per person and that includes a two course meal … historically a cold meat salad and a desert.
Drinks are available to purchase and they have a fun raffle with LOTS of prizes …. John Malloy won a hair dryer a few years back!
Can you drop me a note if you’re interested in joining us … partners are welcome too!!!  (Marilyn will be joining us too)
Can you advise any special dietary needs so we can register them!
It’s down at Unity College in Caloundra,  6pm for a 6.30 pm start and it’s generally finished about 9 pm.
It is normally attended by about 180 people …. A mix of Rotary and non-Rotary …. With sponsorship, raffles, entry fees, drink sales etc they have made around $13,000 to $15,000 from the night … Alex Rotary usually makes a donation as well.
For new members, ROMAC is Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children …. Bringing sick and injured kids into Australia and NZ for life saving medical treatment they can’t get at home. There are some wonderful stories I will happily share!
ROMAC has brought over 400 kids in during the last 30 years …. Just two stories:  
  • The youngest child was a few days old from up in the hills in East Timor and when she arrived in Brisbane she was just about on her last breathes! A tumour was removed from her esophagus  and she is now a normal 6 year old kid running around and going to school.
  • The oldest was diagnosed at 15 with a tumour in the roof of the mouth and she probably would have died by mid-20’s!!  She is now approaching 30, married, her own kids and has a “normal life expectancy”  ….. she was from Cambodia.
  • Others have been kids with nail embedded in the head (Solomon Islands), herniated brains (quite a number); burns (Fiji, Indonesia and others); cleft palette (many); kids born with facial deformities (Vietnam, Korea) and many kids from Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands.
Remember Alex Rotary has won the big Trophy a number of times and last year it was won by the team from Mooloolaba who beat one of our teams from Alex by only 2 points!!!

Pride of Workmanship - new date 26th April ... so start networking 

Tony has been busy re-writing the invite to potential recipients of businesses who would like to reward their employees....its in your email, along with an application form for anyone in your circle?

Photo recognition

The editor has been asked to trail a "photo recognition" column similar to what our mates at Caloundra Pacific are doing. So send in a phot that you think may cause a few folk to scratch their head. It can be a person, or event or thing. preferably not too hard. So here's the first one. Prize will be offered to best answer. Judges decision will be arbitrary and capricious and final. 
There's probably several hundred in your cupboard....but what is it?

The GIST of it - what's happening around the Rotary District