Pride of Workmanship 

Pride of Workmanship 

What a GREAT evening at Alex SLSC for the initial Pride of Workmanship awards evening. I say initial because after such a successful night, we can confidently look forward to more in the future. Well done to everyone involved, and a BIG thank you to the Alex SLSC for looking after the full house so well. 

The award recipients with Fiona Simpson/From L to R President Skye Miller, Liana Gerbo, Helen Vincent, Colin Hope, Summer Woodland, Komang Infrawan, Bradley Brown, David and Cheryl Giles and local member Fiona Simpson MLA. 

..and a big thank you to our amazing club photographer Tony for the photo’s and this media release, where you can see more about our community and more photo’s of the event at My Weekly Preview. Thank you Caitlin. 

Recognition of pride in work!

Local employees recognised with Pride of Workmanship Awards by Alex Rotary.

Alexandra Headland Rotary has launched a programme in the Sunshine Coast business community to recognise staff who show outstanding work ethics and a wonderful pride in the work that is done.

The Rotary “Pride of Workmanship” Awards have been presented to about 30,000 Australians since their inception in 1976 in Sydney where awards recognise wonderful employees who contribute to the well-being of their employer.

On Wednesday 26th April, Alex Rotary conducted a Pride of Workmanship presentation evening at the Alex Headland Surf Club to recognise the efforts and contributions of 7 Sunshine Coast local recipients. The awardees represent a good cross-section of the business community and come from teaching, structural engineering, surfboard manufacturing, automotive spare parts, creation and sewing of school uniforms, grocery, and food service and hospitality.  Alex Rotary approached the business community to encourage the recognition for employees who are worthy of recognition.

The awards were presented to:

Summer Woodland, an undergraduate engineer with Structures Engineering Design in Kuluin; Summer juggles her university lectures and course requirements with her work commitments to fit in as a valuable team member.

Komang Indrawan is the Head Laminator and colourist at Surman Surfboards in Kunda Park; Komang worked in many areas of this family business and now leads a team who produce work that is described as “the best in the industry”!

Liana Gerbo Head of Department Life Technologies and Vocational Training at Maroochydore State High School. Liana demonstrates outstanding service in the areas of Vocation education for a wide range of students in a broad list of “non-traditional” and “hands-on” subjects that focus on career development for so many students

David and Cheryl Giles own the Grill’d restaurant in Sunshine Coast Plaza and have been nominated by a customer who saw their business grow through dedication and hard work and the skills they have imparted to the many young people employed and trained in food service, hospitality and safe working practices.

Colin Hope was Grocery Department Manager for the Whites IGA group. Colin shows great attention to detail, he is a great trainer and mentor to encourage the staff under his leadership understand customer service in a demanding role.

Helen Vincent a skilled machinist and dedicated employee of Seaborne Clothing Manufacturers based in the Sunshine Coast Airport industrial area, supplies school and sporting uniforms to all parts of Australia. Helen has been working in the industry since she was 16; she is a great believer in the concept of “get it right” the first time.  This is an attitude she shares with other machinists she trains.

Bradley Brown is Spare Parts manager for Cricks VW in Maroochydore, where he started in a junior role and during his 36 years with the business has worked his way through diligence, hard work and creating efficiencies which benefit the whole dealership. Having the right spare parts is important for delivery of new vehicles, the service department and customers outside the dealership who require the right parts from filters, brake pads through to replacement panels.

Alex Rotary is pleased to present these Pride of Workmanship awards that follow the theme, Do it Once, Do it Well and build a better Australia.

Alexandra Headland Rotary is one of 34,000 Rotary clubs around the world; the team at Alex Headland raise money through various projects to ensure those in need have a better future. 

In recent years Alex Rotary has runs two major annual events the Surf, Show and Shine Kombi and Surfboard show and the Solstice Swim.  The annual Swim, which will be held this year on the weekend of 24-25th June will also incorporate a major surf art show. The event will be held at Alex Surf Life Saving club.  The swim invites participants to swim 1, 3 or 5km under the watchful eyes and support from the Alex Surf Life Savers.

Alex Rotary has a mix of male and female members across a wide age group and they meet each Wednesday morning at 6.45 for a 7am start and they finish around 8 am to allow business people to get to work.  For fore information about Alex Rotary, contact John Malloy ( 0447 300 753 ) or Tony Freeman (0412 373 381)


RYDA by Alex Headland Rotary 


Next RYDA session team: a reminder of the next RYDA day session at Nambour…here's the latest ..we'll review again in Wednesday, but please check you diaries as we will likely need more help. 

15th May 

Graeme Hight

John Malloy

Patrice Robinson

Angela Quigley

Val Saunders

Charmaine Wheatley

Here’s the most exciting presentation from last months program by the Road Safety Team. The car is travelling at speeds up to 80 km/hr. The yellow model called “Dolly” is demonstrating to the kids the importance of judging stopping distances, and suffice to say Dolly collected a few knocks during the day, much to the joy, and hopefully education, of the kids. 


The 90 students were chaperoned around the Nambour Showgrounds to the various modules of the Road Safety Education modules, from topics such as driver awareness, car design and ability, mental attitude, limitations on peripheral vision, and all the presenters were excellent. Some video presentations were also used, and you could see that their messages struck home.  

The signs show where some of the students guessed where the car would stop. The car is stopped where the professional driver was able to stop with full brakes and ABS.

Meghan, a crash survivor, with subsequent brain and body injuries from a car accident, gave a very powerful message to the kids on road safety, and the Queensland Police Officer spoke very candidly about the carnage sees every day on the roads, and through his career.

All in all, a brilliant day of volunteering to “make a difference”, there’s no doubt that RYDA will save lives and prevent the lives lost that still exists on the road.  A certain scribe wished that all drivers could attend this course. Brilliant course and well done everyone involved in delivering important messages to the students of Nambour State High School. 

Club News


USCCF Dinner 

A call has gone out register for the University / Rotary community fund dinner. If you haven't already replied, please let Skye or Wendy know if you can make it. 

Rotary and University of the Sunshine Coast Community Fund



Advancing  tertiary education opportunities through a partnership between the combined

           Rotary Clubs of the Sunshine Coast & the University of the Sunshine Coast


Presidents, Secretaries and Committee Members,


Just a reminder that bookings for the combined meeting at the USC close next Wednesday, so far we have very few bookings so I would appreciate it if you could please make sure that your members know about the deadline and ‘hurry’ them along.

If it is easier you can do a club group booking on line (this might be a way of galvanising the troops), please see Invitation attached and if you have any problem registering please give Ian Barnett a call on 0419 796 290



Next Bunnings BBQ Sunday 21st May - what's your T shirt size?

For those at next months Bunnings BBQ, can you please email the secretary with your T shirt size. The current roster is:
Morning shift 7.30 - 11.30
John M
John S 
Val - front table 
Standby if needed Tanya F, Angela Q
Afternoon shift 11.30 - 3.00
John / Craig
Standy if needed, Rae S, Sean L

A certain scribe attended the Bunnings induction for the club and the key message, its that there has been a relaxation of the COVID requirements. However there are still quite a few things that our “newbies” nee to be aware of:

  • Start at 7.30 precisely. Don’t be early and don’t be late
  • Parking is strictly 2 hours undercover - so park outside
  • Ice is no longer available at Bunnings
  • Same rules as pre-covid - No cross contamination between money handler and food
  • Prepare bread layers and onions the day before to save pain on the day

T shirts

Would all the volunteers below please let a certain scribe know your shirt size as we’d like to offer all BBQ participants a Solstice Swim T shirt to wear on the day. 

We’re not allowed any advertising at Bunnings except aprons or T shirts. 

Although COVID requirements have been relaxed, we will still require 6 per shift…

Young Parents Centre

We took the opportunity on Wednesday night when we met with Liana, to ask whether the Maroochy State High School Art department would be open to an offer todo the murals at the Young Parents Centre Tanya is planning. Liana was supportive, so we’ve sent a call out for budding artists at the school to join with Naomi at a working bee later in May/ early June and create something amazing for the cherubs at the Young Parents Centre in Maroochydore.


Solstice Swim 

Naturally the club took advantage of the Pride of Workmanship awards dinner to plug the Solstice Swim fundraising for the club. 

It was good to see the boss of Structures, and Past President Scott B at the function. Scott has been a strong supporter of the club for many years, and has sponsored the Solstice Swim again this year.

It was also good to see that the Scott has not lost his sense of humour and his acerbic wit. For those who remember, hilarious speeches were a hallmark of Scott’s reign at the club. Scott's employee Summer took Scotts recollection of her initial job interview in good part, he’s obviously got a great team there at Structures.


Long Covid testing at next Wednesday's 3rd May meeting

By popular demand of the members, the club has arranged a GP to attend next weeks meeting to test all members for long covid. This will be particularly helpful for members who "forget" when the meetings are on, members who "forget" what they have volunteered for, members who have only a loose acquaintance with the Roman calendar, never mind the club calendar, folks who have trouble with the initials of the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland, and a certain scribe whose navigation skills are rapidly diminishing. If you want to book an appointment, there's no ppoint if you have long covid, you'll probably forget. 

A Dog’s tale

We all know the calming effect a pet can have on kids with mental health and disability issues, from horses to companion dogs, the results are quite amazing. 

During the week a single Nambour mum reached out to the club for assistance with a companion dog for her son, who has some serious mental health issues. It was something I knew our mates at The Board Room Surf Charity had helped with in the past, and many others where NDIS support fell short. Unfortunately this level of support had to be withdrawn a 4 years ago after a nasty legal stows that the Charity was drawn into.


But some good news has been received today, and the club has now heard that a dog has been found for her son, and she is now seeking a lower level of support for the associated costs with developing a companion dog, including training, maintenance and vets costs. Stay tuned. 

Multi Draw Help 

Multi draw raffle  - Big thanks To Anisha, Mark and Dave W, who need your help 

The swim registrations are open, and that means swimmers are supporting your club by buying raffle tickets in the registration process for the Solstice Swim multi draw.
So please get out there are source some amazing prizes for our multi - draw on Sunday morning.
Minimum prize value is suggested at $50 and we're hoping for at least 20 prizes for the run down from our major prizes.
So that means each member can help the club raffle by bringing one prize. So the contacts for your prize notifications are Anisha, Mark and Dave who are standing by to offer suggestions, let you know how the multi draw prize collections are going. 
Youth Exchange Program Back on 

Youth Exchange Program - The club tradition continues

The great news is that the YEP is back on, but unfortunately we only received the information last week from AG Bernie with cut off dates for applications being the end of April.
We are doubtful that we will get an applicant this time round given the rush and also that the age range has now changed with the emphasis being on year 10 students. 
But we really want to find suitable candidates and potentially sending and accepting a student in 2024 for YEP.
So great news, that things are returning to normal, and hopefully we can make a life changing influence on a local student. 
Cllr Natoli, Marilyn Keely and Eve catch up 

Councillor Natoli, Marilyn Keely, and Eve Fraser Catch up at the club breakfast meeting

The breakfast meeting last week had the above distinguished guests, and we heard first from Marilyn who has been the driving force behind the learn to swim and surf awareness programs on the Coast. This was a personal journey for Marilyn who has first hand knowledge of tragic drowning and a lengthy history in helping migrants and refugees on the Sunshine coast. Councillor Natoli got behind this effort and we recently saw graduates from this brilliant initiative. 
"Here is the photo of our first excited graduates from the swimming program for international students on the Sunshine Coast. They attended the wonderful surf awareness program at Maroochy SLSC and attended eight 45 minute learn to swim classes at Cotton Tree pool. Now they can join the surf club and enjoy our beautiful beaches."
We also heard from our Eve Fraser on how the Solstice Swim will help support the program she has developed following her work on the Rotary Water Safety Project and her experiences in Asia in delivering train the trainer and learn to swim programs. We'll hear more about thi sas we get near the sharp end of the Solstice Swim, meanwhile the club is focused on sponsorship, and of course helping with the HUGE Multi draw raffle and selling raffle tickets in future. 
Caboolture Rotary Bush Bash 

Rotary supports Variety Bush Bash 

Caboolture Rotary Club are entering the Rotary Car in the Variety Bush Bash, promoting various Rotary clubs in the District. Its all following on from the R100 Australia Project. Readers will recall that Alex Rotary tried to get a recognition of Rotary's 100th birthday on the coast without success, so this is a good way of acknowledging the great work that Rotary has been doing on the Coast for the past 100 years. 

"Sister Club in Texas - coincidence ?"

President Elect Peter is off to the States shortly. Members often visit other Rotary clubs when overseas, and since Peter started visiting the Arlington Sunrise Rotary club we've been receiving their newsletter. 
So a certain scribe thought members would like to know what Rotarians get up to at that club. 
Surprise, what a coincidence, these extracts from this weeks newsletter out gof their club. 
Not only Pride of Workmanship, but recognition of teachers, now there's an idea, and later in their newsletter, recognition of supporters of their projects. 
Well done Arlington. 


Whats happening in Tony's inbox?

Our guru in all things Rotary occasionally gets some funnies in his inbox, we'd like to share:

Dad's jokes 

"Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they open their mouths."
"I always take life with a grain of salt. Plus, a slice of lemon. And a shot of tequila."
"I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and I think, 'Well, that's not going to happen.'"
"Money talks. But all mine ever says is goodbye."
"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."
"Life's like a bird. It's pretty cute until it poops on your head."
"I'm skeptical of anyone who tells me they do yoga every day. That's a bit of a stretch."
"A computer once beat me at chess. But it was no match for me at kickboxing."
"I have a lot of growing up to do. I realized that the other day inside my fort."
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish, and you saved yourself a fish, haven't you?"
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