Guest Speakers 

Are you being scammed?

Last meeting was held at Tides community centre (thank you Val and John, and everyone involved in set up).
The guest speaker last week was Nicki Trenham from Office of Fair Trading who spoke to the club about. the increasing incidence of "scamming" which we found out is still catching folks out and costing some in the community lots of money. 
The clear message was, don't react rashly to scams requesting urgent action.
Be suspicious of any unexpected email. Be cautious in answering any calls from outside your contacts, do not engage with them, and do not share your password or PIN with strangers. 
There was a good Q & A session afterwards, and its clear that most of our members have been approached by scammers in the past, and are relatively savvy - although as Nicki says every year over $400M is scammed from folks, and all of them thought they were savvy before they got scammed. 
Take care out there. 

Geoff reaches out Festuri

Members will recall Toria and Mick who came to talk to the club about the Multi Cultural Festival "Festuri" held at Rotary Park in Cotton Tree every year. 
Toria spoke about he need to gather up support for the festival - which is run entirely by volunteers and dependant on community support to put on every year.
and in true club "CanDo" fashion Alex Rotary has responded. Please see Geoff's note to Toria and the Festuri management below.
Stay tuned. and remember "Diversity is Free...but Inclusion challenges us all and you have to work at it"... (ed)
...Fraom PE Geoff..
Thank you for your email.  As Rotary is a club of like-minded community focussed people, we would prefer to assemble a team of Rotary volunteers and take on a specific task to support Festuri rather than have each member "do their own thing".  We are always stronger working together as a team.
 We could certainly do a BBQ stall, but it would also assist us to achieve our objectives if as a team we were to assist you with any of the following:
  • Set up for performers and stallholders
  • Pack down
  • Traffic / parking control
  • Information tent.

We area happy to work with you to make Festuri at Cotton Tree a huge success.  Let me know how many volunteers you can use, and we will assemble a team of Rotarians.


Geoff East

President Elect 2024 - 2025
Alex Rotary out there supporting the community 

Domestic Violence Seminar Rotary R4MH

Club members Tim, Monique and Naomi attended this domestic violence seminar during the week and will update everyone at our next meeting about the key takeaways from this seminar and suggestions for how your club can support and promote awareness about domestic and family violence prevention. So stay tuned. 
...and this message from the organisers 
We held our short Seminar on Addressing Local Domestic and Family Violence on the 18th April.
What was the objective? To widen the understanding of the impact of Domestic and Family violence in the community and to stimulate community action.
What really happened? The attendees heard, from the Police perspective, just how extensive the problem is, how such occurrences are categorized and how the various categories can be addressed under the law. Powers and barriers to intervene were demonstrated by Police.
Ways for the public to participate were outlined and simple actions were canvassed.
Questions following the formal presentation reflected the deep interest the public is developing on this subject. Some of the questions bared the raw experiences of some attendees.
Interesting statistics. Disadvantaged Kids are 16 times more likely to to suffer DV, and 30% of drug addicted parents commit DV on their kids. (ref: Gwande:Complications)

Alex Rotary turns up to help young drivers stay safe on the roads

On Tuesday a small team of members are helping out at Nambour with the life saving driver awareness day workshop RYDA. Big thanks to Craig, Phillip, Val & John, Graeme, Tim, Naomi and Geoff who will be coordinating the movements of the future drivers between the drive safety workshops. 

Lilly House Volunteers - How many Rotarians does it take to ...

Big thanks to Ray, Graeme, Craig and John for following up with Lilly House and assembling some flat pack furniture for their new rooms for single mums needing a bit of support and guidance. 
The assembly work wasn't a race, then it sort of was. Modesty forbids naming the winning team. laugh

Helping out the Alex SLSC Lifesavers with The Aussies" parking

BIG shout out to the club members who showed support for the lifesavers by manning the Mari St. car park during "The Aussies Week" on the Sunshine Coast. 

Crutches for RARE

These crutches were donated by our mates at Neighbours Aid, and will find their way to disadvantaged families overseas through teh Rotary repurposing program RARE. 

Garden Makeover coming Up?

And just to mention an possible upcoming project for the club,  President Tony is scouting out a garden of a foster carer which is in need of some maintenance. Stay tuned. 
Raffles - whatdy'a know?

Who doesn't like raffles?

Raffles are a fun way for schools, churches and other community groups to raise money for worthy causes.
Raffles have a wide appeal—even people who don't normally gamble like raffles—because it feels like everyone wins. The person with the winning ticket wins a prize. The worthy cause gets money. What's not to like?
But beware's a true story from Facebook..... so it must be true......Parental Guidance adviseddevil 

Bubba and Earl were at the local bar enjoying a beer when they decided to get in on the weekly charity raffle. They bought five tickets each at a dollar a pop.

The following week, when the raffle was drawn, both had won a prize. Earl won first prize, which was a year’s supply of gourmet spaghetti sauce and extra-long spaghetti. Bubba won the sixth prize, which was a toilet brush.

About a week or so had passed when the men met back at the bar for a couple of drinks. Bubba asked Earl how he liked his prize, to which Earl replied, “Great, I love spaghetti! How about you? How’s that toilet brush?”

“Not so good,” replied Bubba. “I reckon I’m gonna go back to paper.”

This weeks raffles you might want to support:

1. Inclusive kids win a boat


2. Gladstone Rotary 50/50 

Dear Alexandra Headland Rotarians,


Our 2024 50/50 raffle is NOW OPEN


Tickets cost $50 and only 2,000 tickets will be sold so the odds of winning are pretty good. Buyers of 5 consecutive tickets will also be eligible to win a $500 book buyers prize.

From the funds we raised in last years raffle our club has been able to: assist the Gladstone Schools Chaplaincy Service in providing support to students in need, provide support to the Gladstone Food Centre, and purchase some necessary appliances for the Roseberry Gladstone Dignity Hub.  We hope you can help us to keep supporting our community by buying a ticket in our raffle.

Wayne Gesch - President

Rotary Club of Gladstone Sunrise Inc.

PO Box 5401, Gladstone QLD 4680

Ph 0418 794 303

4. Inclusive Kids - Solstice Swim Multi Draw raffle 

Coming soon - your chance to sell 20 tickets in the club's multi draw raffle. Jo-Anne and the team are assembling a huge amount of prizes to entice folks to take a ticket for Inclusive Kids.

Each member will be given a book of 20 tickets to sell in the Solstice Swim multi draw raffle. 

There is an amazing Artwork from Naomi Ocean Art, and a BBQ / smoker, $200 of AMPOL vouchers, luxury accommodation vouchers, Family passes for Go Karts, SeaLife, Sun City Bowls, gift vouchers from Cotton Tree meats, Bunnings, Amaze world, etc and more community minded business providing amazing gifts every week.

...and if the team keep going like this you are "almost" guaranteed to win something.  surprise

Your donations

Club Donations to worthy causes

The GREAT thing about being in a club is the ability to combine efforts of members that lead to much larger donations than most of us are able to make personally. Here are a few that club donations that you have helped make:

ROMAC Donation

As well as supporting the recent ROMAC trivia quiz with two teams of quizzers, the club also donated $600 to this Rotary medical aid program that continues to give critical aid to Oceania. 
and during the week, the club received this note from ROMAC..
On behalf of ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children), I sincerely thank you for your extremely generous donation.
Your generosity will help us to change the lives of young children from island nations in the Oceania Region who need lifesaving or dignity restoring surgery they are unable to undergo in their home countries.  ROMAC transports these children to hospitals in Australia and New Zealand where the surgery can take place.  
Since ROMAC’s establishment in 1988 over 540 children have been successfully treated and can now expect to live a normal life.
Your support of ROMAC’s vital work is very much appreciated.  THANK YOU!
Yours sincerely,
Ian ‘D’Arcy’ Walsh

Lilly House donation 

The club has made a $500 donation to Lilly House in Woombye to support Jo and her amazing volunteers and the single mums home / refuge that they are creating on teh Sunshien Coast. We have also put Rotary Inner Wheel (ladies group who do so much to support women in the community) in touch with Lilly House. 

Go Fund Me for Arden 

The club also donated $500 towards Arden's fundraising for a vehicle that could accommodate his wheelchair. 

Rotary International

The club donated $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation of the top 4 most effective charities in the world, independently audited. It will go to Polio eradication.  

Global Water Safety programs for disadvantaged on the Sunshine Coast

The club has also committed to donating $5,000 towards a Sunshine Coast water safety program to prevent drownings on the coast. There will be an official presentation on this later in the year. 
Have you any thoughts on who the club should support?...then have your say at the club meeting on Wednesday morning. 
 Is there a  partner out there for Alex?  Have you been Scammed alert, The written word

Win-Win for Rotary and there a message there for Alex?

JoAnne spoke on the benefits of partnership at her Rotary minute on Wednesday. The relationship with the business started small, with a cookery book publication during COVID and has now blossomed into a permanent win-win arrangement for Rotary, the business and the community. 

It beggars the there some business on the Coast that wants to do good in the community, improve its relationship, and where Rotary and Rotarians can provide that bridge between business and community?

The business concerned (AMPOL) now has a direct channel to community matters through the Manly Rotary club, where AMPOL supports the Many Rotary Youth and community programs. 

The community now has some certainty over the programs that Rotary delivers and Rotary does what is does best....“making a difference”.... to lives in the community. 

A very thoughtful Rotary minute. Thank you JoAnne.

Memories - don’t lose them, write them down

Our guest speaker and guests on Wednesday was Pam Wood local author and friends June and Donna, who spoke about their involvement with Sunshine Coast libraries and the written word and the impact it can have on folks. The writers group met at the Woombye Bowls during COVID attracting a diverse group of professionals, then an anthology by the University of the 3rd age in Hervey Bay inspired Pam to produce a collection from her group here on the Sunshine Coast. 

Along the way the benefits in friendship, fellowship, encouragement and support helped bond the group and gave direction and purpose.  The mental health benefits were clear.

The group are now looking for financial support to publish the anthology, and received feedback from the club on several avenues that might support this project. 

Thank you Pam for an interesting talk. 

Pride of Workmanship - dateclaimer

Our Pride of Workmanship evening is coming up soon, so if you know of a Sunhine Coast business who might want to reward an employee with some recognition for their services, or have an employee in mind yourself, have a chat with Mike and find out what its all about. 

Swim News - James joins Scott and Dean in stepping up to help

In late news James Brownsworth from Innovative Planning Solutions in Marooochydore has become a silver sponsor for the Solstice fundraising swim for Inclusive Kids. James has been a very generous supporter of the Solstice swim, and we much appreciate the support we receive from Sheree and James. It is very much appreciated.

And a BIG shout out to those members who are approaching their contacts to gauge interest in becoming a GOLD sponsor. The kids will not know the effort you put on, but on behalf of the club, thank you for reaching out for potential sponsors. 

We were delighted to welcome back past sponsors Structures, AKA Scott Brimelow, Past President of the club who stepped up to the mark again (Thank you Scott) and Cricks VW AKA Dean Stuart (thank you Dean). Dean has been a great supporter of Inclusive Kids and Alex Rotary Kombi Shows in the past. 

Their support is all the more welcome, because it gives Inclusive Kids and Alex Rotary a bit of a lift to know that there are businesses out their who appreciate what the volunteers are doing in the community. 


Upcoming Events
Solstice Planning
Jun. 19, 2024
6:45 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
Alex Head Rotary Solstice Swim
Jun. 23, 2024
7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Solstice - event review and next year
Jun. 26, 2024
6:45 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
Changeover Dinner 6.00pm
Jul. 03, 2024
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Year Ahead - President Elect
Jul. 10, 2024
6:45 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
Working bee for BBQ trailer
Jul. 13, 2024
9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Bunnings Sausage sizzle
Jul. 19, 2024
7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Maroochy High School Mock Interviews *TBC
Jul. 25, 2024
8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
RYDA - Driver Awareness - Mathew Flinders
Sep. 12, 2024
8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
View entire list

Raffle jokes...

At a recent post golf drinks session...worth repeating .....An Australian walks into a bar holding a pig underneath his arm. The barman asked "Where did you get that?" ....and the pig said, I won it in a raffle !!


Q: Why is gambling banned in Africa?

    A: There are too many cheetahs!


Q: Why did the British blonde bring French fries to the casino?

    A: She was told to bring her own chips.


Q: What’s the difference between an online casino and a brick-and-mortar casino?

    A: At an online casino, you can cry when you lose, and no one will laugh at you!


Q: What did the dealer say to the deck of cards?

    A: I cannot deal with you anymore!


Q: What is the new Nintendo game about gambling monsters called?

    A: Poker-mon.


Q: What’s the difference between casino players and politicians?

    A: Casino players tell the truth sometimes.


Q: What do you call an iguana that runs a casino?

    A: The Lizard of Odds.


Q: Why wouldn’t the sesame seed leave the casino?

    A: Because he was on a roll.


Q: What do you call someone who’s better at betting than you?

    A: A better bettor. 

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