Pride of Workmanship 

Pride of Workmanship 

What a GREAT evening at Alex SLSC for the initial Pride of Workmanship awards evening. I say initial because after such a successful night, we can confidently look forward to more in the future. Well done to everyone involved, and a BIG thank you to the Alex SLSC for looking after the full house so well. 

The award recipients with Fiona Simpson/From L to R President Skye Miller, Liana Gerbo, Helen Vincent, Colin Hope, Summer Woodland, Komang Infrawan, Bradley Brown, David and Cheryl Giles and local member Fiona Simpson MLA. 

..and a big thank you to our amazing club photographer Tony for the photo’s and this media release, where you can see more about our community and more photo’s of the event at My Weekly Preview. Thank you Caitlin. 

Recognition of pride in work!

Local employees recognised with Pride of Workmanship Awards by Alex Rotary.

Alexandra Headland Rotary has launched a programme in the Sunshine Coast business community to recognise staff who show outstanding work ethics and a wonderful pride in the work that is done.

The Rotary “Pride of Workmanship” Awards have been presented to about 30,000 Australians since their inception in 1976 in Sydney where awards recognise wonderful employees who contribute to the well-being of their employer.

On Wednesday 26th April, Alex Rotary conducted a Pride of Workmanship presentation evening at the Alex Headland Surf Club to recognise the efforts and contributions of 7 Sunshine Coast local recipients. The awardees represent a good cross-section of the business community and come from teaching, structural engineering, surfboard manufacturing, automotive spare parts, creation and sewing of school uniforms, grocery, and food service and hospitality.  Alex Rotary approached the business community to encourage the recognition for employees who are worthy of recognition.

The awards were presented to:

Summer Woodland, an undergraduate engineer with Structures Engineering Design in Kuluin; Summer juggles her university lectures and course requirements with her work commitments to fit in as a valuable team member.

Komang Indrawan is the Head Laminator and colourist at Surman Surfboards in Kunda Park; Komang worked in many areas of this family business and now leads a team who produce work that is described as “the best in the industry”!

Liana Gerbo Head of Department Life Technologies and Vocational Training at Maroochydore State High School. Liana demonstrates outstanding service in the areas of Vocation education for a wide range of students in a broad list of “non-traditional” and “hands-on” subjects that focus on career development for so many students

David and Cheryl Giles own the Grill’d restaurant in Sunshine Coast Plaza and have been nominated by a customer who saw their business grow through dedication and hard work and the skills they have imparted to the many young people employed and trained in food service, hospitality and safe working practices.

Colin Hope was Grocery Department Manager for the Whites IGA group. Colin shows great attention to detail, he is a great trainer and mentor to encourage the staff under his leadership understand customer service in a demanding role.

Helen Vincent a skilled machinist and dedicated employee of Seaborne Clothing Manufacturers based in the Sunshine Coast Airport industrial area, supplies school and sporting uniforms to all parts of Australia. Helen has been working in the industry since she was 16; she is a great believer in the concept of “get it right” the first time.  This is an attitude she shares with other machinists she trains.

Bradley Brown is Spare Parts manager for Cricks VW in Maroochydore, where he started in a junior role and during his 36 years with the business has worked his way through diligence, hard work and creating efficiencies which benefit the whole dealership. Having the right spare parts is important for delivery of new vehicles, the service department and customers outside the dealership who require the right parts from filters, brake pads through to replacement panels.

Alex Rotary is pleased to present these Pride of Workmanship awards that follow the theme, Do it Once, Do it Well and build a better Australia.

Alexandra Headland Rotary is one of 34,000 Rotary clubs around the world; the team at Alex Headland raise money through various projects to ensure those in need have a better future. 

In recent years Alex Rotary has runs two major annual events the Surf, Show and Shine Kombi and Surfboard show and the Solstice Swim.  The annual Swim, which will be held this year on the weekend of 24-25th June will also incorporate a major surf art show. The event will be held at Alex Surf Life Saving club.  The swim invites participants to swim 1, 3 or 5km under the watchful eyes and support from the Alex Surf Life Savers.

Alex Rotary has a mix of male and female members across a wide age group and they meet each Wednesday morning at 6.45 for a 7am start and they finish around 8 am to allow business people to get to work.  For fore information about Alex Rotary, contact John Malloy ( 0447 300 753 ) or Tony Freeman (0412 373 381)


Want to volunteer to save a life?

Call out for volunteer to help with teenage driving skills  RYDA on 26th April

Important message from Geoff, on the upcoming driver awareness workshops...if you can help, email the club secretary Skye has put a call out at the local cluster so hoping for some help from other Rotary Clubs in the district. Meanwhile if your availability has changed, please let Geoff or the club secretary know. 
We are 2 persons short for RYDA on 26th April 2023.  So far I only have the following:
RYDA Schedule of Volunteers 2023
26th April 
15th May 
Peter Deane
Craig Laidlaw
John Malloy
John Malloy
Rae Smart
Wendy Gilson
Patrice Robinson
Mike Storkey 
Graeme H 
Patrice Robinson
Help needed
Angela Quigley
Help Needed
 Val Saunders
We really need 7 volunteers plus me as there will be 220 kids on 26th.  With only a week to go, its getting tight.!!!
Call out for community minded flooring supplier

Young Parents Project Update - Do you know a flooring supplier who would be interested in helping?

The club funds are a bit short to complete the Young Parents shaded area upgrade, so if anyone knows a supplier of outdoor flooring that would be suitable for a kids shaded area, we need about 48m2 of material to turn this barren concrete base into an inviting play area. 
If you know of anyone, please email the club on 
We've tentatively set a working bee date for the Saturday 27th May, so please put a few hours in your diary to help out at the centre with painting / general odd jobs around the centre. 
Multi Draw Help 

Multi draw raffle  - Big thanks To Anisha, Mark and Dave W, who need your help 

The swim registrations are open, and that means swimmers are supporting your club by buying raffle tickets in the registration process for the Solstice Swim multi draw.
So please get out there are source some amazing prizes for our multi - draw on Sunday morning.
Minimum prize value is suggested at $50 and we're hoping for at least 20 prizes for the run down from our major prizes.
So that means each member can help the club raffle by bringing one prize. So the contacts for your prize notifications are Anisha, Mark and Dave who are standing by to offer suggestions, let you know how the multi draw prize collections are going. 
District Assembly - Can you attend ?

District Assembly 29th April at Rothwell, Brisbane 

AG Bernie Wilson has put out this reminder and plea for club members to attend this years District Assembly 
"DGE Paul has asked us to write to you as the incoming Presidents for the coming year I need your help.  
As you know the District Assembly is a key aspect of training for the incoming club board members. It would be reasonable to expect that the Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Directors from each club will make every effort to attend to take advantage of the training opportunity.
You would also be aware that our District Trainer and his team of presenters have put a great deal of effort into organising the Assembly.  This not only includes a varied program of breakout sessions, but also a superb new venue with catering. And all for a small cost of $10 per person. 
I also plan for the attendees to receive an important update on the Regionalisation Project, with this week’s RI Board approval of a business case and related funding for the project moving forward.
While the assembly is two weeks away, we need you to encourage your club members but especially your board members to register as soon as possible, to help John with the catering arrangements and in planning the various breakout rooms based on interest/size.
The link for registration is included below. Would you please contact your club officers and seek their support by getting them to register asap. It only takes about 2 minutes.
Please also note that one of the members from each club is required to vote at the General Meeting that precedes the Assembly, and advice of this persons details needs to be provided to the District Secretary asap as well."
Solstice Swim - More support coming in 

Solstice Swim community support comes in from Scott, Anthony and James

Following on from last weeks support from the Mooloolaba Yacht Club, who are supplying the large. oversize buoys to provide a highly visible course to our amazing swimmers, we were delighted to hear from our mate Scott Brimelow at Structures (Past President) and James Brownsworth and Sheree Lyons at Innovative planning Solutions in Maroochydore and of course Anthony Miller at Miller Sockhill lawyers, who have all taken up Bronze sponsorship of the Solstice Swim. 
Scott, James and Anthony are well known to the club as past sponsors, and we are very grateful for their past and current support. 
Big thanks also to regular supporter Cameron at Evolve Accounting for their contribution towards a nipper program for a disadvantaged child. We hope to see Cameron and some / all of his staff at the swim. 
There's also a strong rumour that we have received a valuable silver sponsorship for the swim...stay tuned for more details. The gold sponsorship has been taken up by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, so that means there's a place on the swim T shirt for a community minded business who would like to take up the opportunity. 
Bunnings on Sunday

Bunnings BBQ - love it when a plan comes together 

Big thank you too everyone involved in Bunnings BBQ on Sunday, especially a certain treasurer who bravely did a double stint, when lesser folk would have had a rest.
Also special mention to a certain scribe who master plan came together superbly well . In charge of ordering gear fo rthe BBQ he managed to over order massively as we ended up with over 30kg of unsold sausages. But, the plan came together as your club donated these to Brigit at Urban Angels and to Graeme took a few kilo's to the local food bank that he supports as well.
Well done John S for advertising the swim...yesyes
Also, on Bunnings, big thanks to major general Craig, who managed the BBQ logistics and also attended the Bunnings community forum. This is a new initiative from Bunnings and has led the club into a possible partnership / support with the Young Parents Centre working bee's.
Request from Ukraine

Letter from Ukraine

The club secretary receives fairly regularly emails from Rotary Clubs around teh world. This week we received one from Ukraine. 

We are the Ukrainian Rotary Club Korosten.

There is a war going on in Ukraine now.  The population of Ukraine found itself in a very difficult economic and humanitarian situation.  Our Rotary Club helps about 500 people with disabilities, families of migrants from the places of hot fighting in Ukraine.

The help of our club is as follows:

-In the purchase and delivery of food rations, medicines, essential goods.

- In providing individual assistance to people who find themselves in a difficult life situation due to the war in Ukraine.

Due to the difficult economic situation in our country, business and incomes have fallen hundreds of times.

Now our Rotary Club cannot independently provide humanitarian assistance in the required volume.

 We are confident that your Rotary Club has already helped Ukraine many times over these months, but still, help is needed constantly, hourly, every minute, until the war is over.  Therefore, we ask your Rotary Club to provide any financial assistance to our Rotary Club, even in the amount of $100, since this amount will cover the cost of food and medicine for one Ukrainian family for a whole month, and this is a significant support!  Your support will serve to save the unprotected needy Ukrainians!  In turn, we guarantee a full report on the costs of financial assistance.  We will definitely write about you in Rotary International so that your Rotary Club will be marked with a badge of honor for your contribution to the cause of peace.  All of us Rotarians of the world are one big family.  Each of us is the most important and all good things start with each of us.  Real happiness is helping others.

Our Rotary Club Korosten Ukraine expresses its deep gratitude to your Rotary Club for mutual understanding and support!

We wish you a peaceful sky over your head, health, stability and prosperity!

With respect to you!

Let's glorify Rotary with deeds!

Treasury Oleksandr.

The club is looking into this, and as you know Rotary has set up a support network at a District level in Ukraine and at many other places around the world where various man made and natural disasters occur. 
The club is only able to make these donations from the contributions of our members and supporters. So just say, thank you for helping out with the fundraising and support that you give on behalf of the beneficiaries. 
Youth Exchange Program Back on 

Youth Exchange Program - The club tradition continues

The great news is that the YEP is back on, but unfortunately we only received the information last week from AG Bernie with cut off dates for applications being the end of April.
We are doubtful that we will get an applicant this time round given the rush and also that the age range has now changed with the emphasis being on year 10 students. 
But we really want to find suitable candidates and potentially sending and accepting a student in 2024 for YEP.
So great news, that things are returning to normal, and hopefully we can make a life changing influence on a local student. 
Cllr Natoli, Marilyn Keely and Eve catch up 

Councillor Natoli, Marilyn Keely, and Eve Fraser Catch up at the club breakfast meeting

The breakfast meeting last week had the above distinguished guests, and we heard first from Marilyn who has been the driving force behind the learn to swim and surf awareness programs on the Coast. This was a personal journey for Marilyn who has first hand knowledge of tragic drowning and a lengthy history in helping migrants and refugees on the Sunshine coast. Councillor Natoli got behind this effort and we recently saw graduates from this brilliant initiative. 
"Here is the photo of our first excited graduates from the swimming program for international students on the Sunshine Coast. They attended the wonderful surf awareness program at Maroochy SLSC and attended eight 45 minute learn to swim classes at Cotton Tree pool. Now they can join the surf club and enjoy our beautiful beaches."
We also heard from our Eve Fraser on how the Solstice Swim will help support the program she has developed following her work on the Rotary Water Safety Project and her experiences in Asia in delivering train the trainer and learn to swim programs. We'll hear more about thi sas we get near the sharp end of the Solstice Swim, meanwhile the club is focused on sponsorship, and of course helping with the HUGE Multi draw raffle and selling raffle tickets in future. 
Caboolture Rotary Bush Bash 

Rotary supports Variety Bush Bash 

Caboolture Rotary Club are entering the Rotary Car in the Variety Bush Bash, promoting various Rotary clubs in the District. Its all following on from the R100 Australia Project. Readers will recall that Alex Rotary tried to get a recognition of Rotary's 100th birthday on the coast without success, so this is a good way of acknowledging the great work that Rotary has been doing on the Coast for the past 100 years. 

Editorial - Controversy Corner

The elderly and social media
Apparently someone in Australia is scammed every 5 minutes. Hopefully its not the same person. 
Here's an article that might help...

There are, of course, lots of tech savvy old people out there but the rapid democratization of technology in the last decade has necessitated and, in some ways, even compelled the remainder of this otherwise blissfully indifferent demographic to take their first steps in the virtual world.  It doesn’t stop a lot of them from feeling like they could do without the hassle of learning something new and others from being deeply distrustful of technology, but as half our population seems to either be in Australia or on their way there (only kidding), learning to navigate the waters of social media has become a necessity for our senior citizens.  

Rule No 1 – Don’t believe (and subsequently don't act on or share) everything you read on screen or phone. There are lots of senior citizens out there reading unsubstantiated rubbish and getting all indignant and angry over nothing. This rule specially applies to the sort of medical advice. You know who I'm talking about. 

Rule No 2 – Don’t accept requests to click or befriend. There is no shortage of loons on the internet and virtual friendliness is best avoided. Get a dog if you want a friend. 

Rule No 3 – Please be careful of what you like or share. The world might be virtual, but the embarrassment is all too real and there are many of us who can attest to that from experience. Who hasn't written an email or post they regret? I know I have. 



Dad's jokes 

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