Young Drivers awareness - who knew?

Great turn out from the club at Young Drivers Awareness

HUGE thanks to Patrice, Graeme, Charmaine, Val and John and a certain scribe for helping out at RYDA, and not forgetting the groundwork by Doug and Graham in putting it all together. A fantastic program and most if teh team admitted (not me!) that they will be better drivers because of their assistance to the young kids from Burnside who attended on Monday. 
Apart from the exciting professional driver demonstration, who knows who's the safest on the road (i) Learner (ii) Provisional or (iii) experienced driver?
Well, some might guess it is actually the learner. Maybe you figured out that they are the most careful and always supervised so the stats are bound to show them as the most safest. Maybe you also guessed that the most dangerous are provisionals in their first year. 
BUT did you guess that you NEVER get back to the level of driver proficiency that you had when you ended your learner period?
Volunteer to help a RYDA program and you'll find out why?
Great modules in the RYDA course, a lot about finding out your personal risk profile, and the things to look for in safety systems, roads, cars, heavy vehicles, peripheral vision, music (yes),  driving techniques and brain feedback while you're driving ...well done the RYDA folk. 
But the star of the program was undoubtedly Meghan who gives voluntarily of her time to speak to the young drivers about how she was involved in a horrific crash and suffered terrible injuries.
She talked about choices we make, and her talk from the heart is all about the kids learning from her experience and making the right choices when they get behind the wheel. An amazing lady. 
Events creator extraordinaire Tara 

Tara's amazing background and passion comes to the Coast

Great talk an Wednesday from Tara McKean who spoke about following your passion no matter where it leads to. For Tara that meant all round the world, helping to stage major events in Europe and the States, before Covid, which turned out a blessing for Australia and the Sunshien Coast, because that led Tara to return home, and eventually find her way to teh Sunshine Coast.
Still actively involved in organising major business events, Tara has launched self events co, which organises events that help empower young women to realise their goals and promote their passions. Self events are for women who want to be surrounded by other like-minded women and Tara has strong links to teh Sunshine Coast business community as well as women organisations on the coast. 
On a lighter note, regular Jerry Sienfield viewers will recall the story about public speaking. It's true that public speaking generally ranks very high on people's fears. Often higher than fear of dying. Sienfield remarked, "That means at a funeral, your average person would rather be in the coffin, than giving the eulogy!"
It turns out that while Tara is very capable not to say brilliant at events organising, she is a newcomer to public speaking. Indeed this was teh first time she had spoken in public.
She aced it. 
Bunnings on Sunday

Bunnings BBQ - love it when a plan comes together 

Big thank you too everyone involved in Bunnings BBQ on Sunday, especially a certain treasurer who bravely did a double stint, when lesser folk would have had a rest.
Also special mention to a certain scribe who master plan came together superbly well . In charge of ordering gear fo rthe BBQ he managed to over order massively as we ended up with over 30kg of unsold sausages. But, the plan came together as your club donated these to Brigit at Urban Angels and to Graeme took a few kilo's to the local food bank that he supports as well.
Well done John S for advertising the swim...yesyes
Also, on Bunnings, big thanks to major general Craig, who managed the BBQ logistics and also attended the Bunnings community forum. This is a new initiative from Bunnings and has led the club into a possible partnership / support with the Young Parents Centre working bee's.
Founder of UniSC Community fund represents Alex Rotary at Awards Dinner

Founder of UniSC Community fund represents Alex Rotary at Awards Dinner.

The Alex club was well represented at the ScUni Community fund dinner on Wednesday night. Dave Woodrow is one of the founders of the University community fund, and Wendy Gilson - long serving secretary of the fund were there, mixing with the current Rotary and University executives. 
Here's some pics of your favourite people..
Both Wendy and Dave have overseen the awarding of over 60 research bursaries and community grants to post graduate students to allow them to continue their studies. Well done both of you. 
Ian Barnett from Mooloolaba Rotary and Chair of the Community fund, did the honours as MC for the night, and 3 post graduate students were awarded with their grants from UniSC Vice-Chancellor Kate Evans, and DG Tim Keeler. 
The grant recipients were Juliette Savage, for studies into creative writing, specifically revisionist female mythology. There's a novel coming out as part of Juliette's studies on the role of women in mythology.
Grace Smith accepted a bursary to support her studies into peat's eco structure, which apparently can be identified almost 10,000 years into the past. So we can see how the climate on the coast has changed over the year where these peaty areas have preserved the past. Also a certain scribe found out how important those crustaceans provide homes for the other animal life in the ocean. 
Ashley Williams received her bursary for studies into biomedical science in the area of the placenta, specifically how oxygen levels in the placenta cells affect fetal growth and infant development. 
All the students spoke enthusiastically -  and interestingly all women. This theme continued after dinner with guest speaker Kassie Bromley who gave a talk about the teenage brain and her passion of delivering workshops to teenagers and educators called "Brain Charger Workshops".
We were given an overview of how physical growth of the brain structure has been shown to affect behaviour in teenagers. Specifically how the teenage brain doesn't reach full maturity till 25 years old when the limbic and pre frontal cortex structures stops growing. Reassuringly neurons within the brain structure can be regrown by drinking moderate amounts of red wine. (This may have been misheard. Ed.) 
Overall, a very interesting evening, topped off by Wendy and Val grabbing goodies from the raffle run by The Caloundra Rotary Club.  
Well done to everyone involved. 
Ideal time to join Alex Rotary?
This email went out to all 500 contacts, past swimmers, kombi owners, supporters and helpers. We're a healthy club at the moment above average membership, but if you know of someone who is keen to "make a difference"...and we all know that its easier to make a difference with club support, then maybe let them know that the Rotary year is about to begin, and to think about membership?. 

Thinking of joining a community club?

The Rotary Year starts on 1st July. This would be an ideal time to join Alex Rotary club if you’re thinking of joining a busy community club. 

Why should I join Alex Rotary? Whats in it for me? 

Well you get this……. and all for the price of a of cup of coffee a week !

  1. Weekly club meetings at Alex Surf Club (Wed 7-8am) ...attend as many meetings as you like. 
  2. You'll be invited to our monthly club socials
  3. You'll hear from our breakfast guest speakers about community issues on the coast
  4. You'll be part of a wider Rotary community and be able to attend Rotary meetings and join specialist Rotary groups such as caravanners, motorcyclists, golfers etc.
  5. You'll help other community associations, such as the one here at Alex, and provide a smile on kids faces at their wonderful "Christmas at Alex" celebrations
  6. You can pass on your work experience to school students and help them transition to work, and you can join us in doing "mock interviews" with students to help get that all important first job.
  7. You can join in Rotary community events such as Solstice Swim and Kombi shows
  8. You'll collaborate with community service provider IFYS on small projects to "make a difference" to the folks doing it tough on the coast. 
  9. You'll help make kids better drivers by mentoring an amazing road safety safety program for local high schools. Google RYDA. 
  10. You'll have opportunities to help local sunshine coast amazing charities, such as SalTy Souls Legacy, Care Outreach and The Board Meeting surf charity
  11. You'll be invited to "Pride of Workmanship" awards night dinners where we recognise local sunshine coast exceptional employees
  12. You'll meet some of the top students at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where we sponsor bursaries
  13. You'll be invited to a huge trivia fundraising night to support medical aid to PNG and surrounding islands
  14. You'll hear from, and be able to question, local VIP's guest speakers from the Sunshine Coast Community at our breakfast meetings
  15. You'll be part of a group that sponsors local kids on International Youth Exchange.
  16. You'll learn new skills
  17. You'll Keep in touch with Sunshine Coast infrastructure developments 
  18. You'll receive regular Rotary "Down Under" magazine, and "GIST" Queensland Rotary community news
  19. If you bring your passion to help others ... we'll find a way to help you.
  20. You’ll be invited to help at Bunnings BBQ …Really? Sorry, wanted to get to 20!!

Contact if you want to know more. Or let us know if we’ll see you at Alex SLSC on Wednesday morning. 

New club initiative ?

New Club Initiative?

New member Anisha is keen to continue an initiative from her past Rotary Club in Logan. This was in the form of providing breakfast to kids at  schools. We know that there are some kids who go off to school with out breakfast, and of course we are only a small club, but that doesn't stop Anisha wanting to "make a difference" at least some of teh time. 
It didn't look good for a while, as initial investigative work by Graeme and a certain scribe indicated that most schools had something in place and while thats fantastic news and something we should celebrate, it left us wondering what to do. 
The good news is that we may have found an avenue for the club to help Anisha with her passion. 
News's also looking promising for another club Project..stay tuned..
Stay tuned.
Raffle prizes are coming in

Thanks to Dean at Cricks Volkswagen !!

Blazeaid - can you help?

Blaze Aid - can you help?

A certain scribe heard from Charmaine, who's been doing volunteer work up all over the pace and is now back on teh Sunshine Coast. Well done Charmaine, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures. Meanwhile here's a plug for a raffle that will help the Blalzeaid community and maybe get you a new TV to replace the one you've worn out watching the coronation...
The aim of this raffle is to raise funds to assist BlazeAid to continue doing their awesome work throughout Miles, Queensland and other flood and fire affected communities in Australia and help rebuild communities that have been affected by natural disasters.
A reminder that the draw is on 1 July 2023 and winners will be advised telephonically and also through various Blazeaid Facebook pages.
There are 3 options to purchase your Blazeaid Raffle ticket :
1. Follow the link on the URL as follows :
2. Scan the attached QR code which will take you directly to the booking site to purchase your ticket or :
3. Old school - phone Charmaine on 0478095759 - transfer your $20 directly into the BlazeAid bank account, phone head office and either Debbie (Co-founder of Blazeaid) or Melissa (CEO) will advise Charmaine that your $20 has been received - then they will send Charmaine a copy of your bank deposit and she will write out your ticket and phone you with your ticket number and email a copy of your raffle to you.
The prizes are as follows :
First Prize - 1989 Gold Coin (1 oz gold)   - Kruger Rand Valued at AUS$2000  
Second Prize - 2 nights family accommodation at Ingenia Noosa Resort, Sunshine Coast, Qld. 
Third Prize - One 40 " Smart Blaupunkt TV
Fourth Prize – 2 nights family accommodation Ingenia Holiday Resort, Byron Bay
Blazeiad is a labour volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, our volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.
Price per ticket : $20 each
(sale of one ticket helps Blazeaid erect approximately 4 metres of damaged fencing or supports the running of a Blazeaid Camp)
Ticket drawn :  1 July 2023
You do not have to be present when the tickets are drawn and winners will be announced telephonically and also on our Blazeaid Facebook page.
Kevin Butler (Founder of Blazeaid) recently spoke at one of our Rotary conferences and hence most Rotarians know of this project and will want to help.
P.S. Another THANK YOU for the recent Alex Headland Rotary Club donation to Blazeaid early in December 2023.
Blazeaid Miles Volunteer 
BlazeAid Raffle QR Code.png
Inviting Signs 

Whats not to love, a recycled sign (saving the environment) and a classic SunnyCoast Beach invitation at the winter Solstice 

It's getting close!!
Grab life by the Balls - revisited

Being pro-active about mens mental health 

Excellent talk from Sam Parker, founder of the Sunshine Coast (and heading all over Australia) mens mental health group. Sam is clearly an accomplished and passionate speaker, and also a deep thinker about how to address the ongoing mental health problems of men in particular. And its all about connections, and particularly MATES. Scientifically men need 3 mates to lower their anxiety and mental health issues, particularly as it affects suicidal thoughts. 
Here's some slides from Sam's presentation, (Thanks Tony & Sam) the first outlines the problem, and makes you think about the current situation, and the second clearly identifies where the various mens mental health groups occupy in the support area. Makes a certain scribe think. 
Thank you Sam for your presentation and for all the great work you lead and have inspired in mens mental health. yes
Here's why you should join a club

Why join a club?

Most folks I know give to charity. Couple or more dollars often on an irregular basis. But if they are like me they struggle to know which ones to support. And if they are like me they can let the donations slide. 
So why am I telling you this? 
Because a club doesn't forget, and in Rotary we don't have to decide what charity to support.
Because we have folks in Rotary who run the Rotary Foundation, one of the top 5 most effective charities in the world. (Effective means that more of their dollars go directly to the folks in need).
So delighted to let you know that YOUR CLUB FUNDS have donated $1,000 to the Rotary foundation this week. 
That's a benefit of being in a club. 
Lesson ends.
Youth Exchange Program Back on 

Youth Exchange Program - The club tradition continues

The great news is that the YEP is back on, but unfortunately we only received the information last week from AG Bernie with cut off dates for applications being the end of April.
We are doubtful that we will get an applicant this time round given the rush and also that the age range has now changed with the emphasis being on year 10 students. 
But we really want to find suitable candidates and potentially sending and accepting a student in 2024 for YEP.
So great news, that things are returning to normal, and hopefully we can make a life changing influence on a local student. 

Tricky words

It appears that some of us are having trouble with our principles. I'm not referring to the ability to tell right from wrong, or should I say write from wrong? ..I am observing that the ability to spell is becoming rare. Or I am wondering if its deeper than that, is it that we are confusing the meaning of words? I blame social media...let me give you some examples...
Principal or Principle? If you were the Principal, would you have principles? 
Effect or Affect? What affect do I effect? 
Or I was just so happy I was wrapped? 
...and some words to improve your vocabulary from Douglas Adams..practice using them in conversation. 
Abeline (adj) - The pleasing coolness on the reverse side of a pillow. 
Wike (verb) - to rip off a sticking plaster quickly in the hope that (a) it will show how brave you are (b) it will not hurt
Scamoge (verb) to cut oneself while licking envelopes
Scullet (noun) - the last teaspoon in the washing up. 

Dad's jokes 

My dog is an awesome fashion adviser. Every time I ask him what I look like in my clothes, he says “WOW!”
What do you get when you cross-breed a cow and a shark? 

I don’t know, but I wouldn't enjoy milking it.
Need cheering up? Start a fight with somebody when they have the hiccoughs!
"Tourists are our bread and butter."
- Kaupa, Chief of a cannibal tribe
Meanwhile in a parallel universe: “Oh for God’s sake! Where are all these extra single socks coming from?!”
If I got 50 cents for every failed math exam, I’d have $ 6.30 now.
I will never forget my dad’s last words: “Will you stop playing with the bow, Nicholas?!”
Do not go to the bathroom in a dream. It’s a trap!
I enjoy being a politician. People throw all kinds of food at you.
Black humor is like a pair of healthy kidneys. Not everyone has it.
A cannibal came home late to family dinner. He got the cold shoulder.
It’s cleaning day today. I’ve already polished off a whole chocolate bar.
What is pointless?
To tell a bald guy a hair-raising story.
What is white and flies up?
A retarded snowflake

"Sister Club in Texas - coincidence ?"

President Elect Peter is off to the States shortly. Members often visit other Rotary clubs when overseas, and since Peter started visiting the Arlington Sunrise Rotary club we've been receiving their newsletter. 
So a certain scribe thought members would like to know what Rotarians get up to at that club. 
Surprise, what a coincidence, these extracts from this weeks newsletter out gof their club. 
Not only Pride of Workmanship, but recognition of teachers, now there's an idea, and later in their newsletter, recognition of supporters of their projects. 
Well done Arlington. 
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